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International Patients

India has emerged as a healthcare hub in the last decade. EviDent Specialty Dental Care is at the forefront of Dental Tourism; providing world-class dental care at affordable prices to patients, both domestic and international. Our international clientele hail from almost all the continents of the world as we cater to various needs of all patients globally – regardless of boundaries/borders, race/ethnicity and geographic location.

EviDent Specialty Family Dental Care caters to your every need and offers the best in –

  • Technology
  • Expertise
  • Material Science
  • Healthcare Delivery Systems

We are an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Dental Clinic and we are a panel Clinic for several schools and corporate offices in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Our Safety standards are stringent; and we vouch by our Quality Assurance Policy. View our success stories and experience why we are different! Follow us on Facebook and view our patient feedback on Justdial(dot)com and Sulekha(dot)com (Online yellow-pages portals).

To cater to the Business traveler, EviDent Specialty Dental Care offers various packages like Permanent teeth over the weekend package and Dental Implant Package.

Why Travel to EviDent Dental Care, India?

  • World-class dental healthcare
  • Focus on Preventive Dental health and education
  • 24 x 7 x 365 online support via e-consultation
  • Hyderabad emerging as a tourist hub and a must-visit destination in South India
  • Economics

What is the major cost difference in treatment when I compare it to the same back Home? (cost per tooth)

Who could benefit from Dental Tourism?

  • People looking for a smile make-over requiring quality world-class comprehensive/full-mouth dental care at affordable prices (A cosmetic make-over in the USA could cost upwards of $25000 to $50000. The same could be accomplished inclusive of travel and tourism in under $7000 to $10000!)
  • People requiring the fixed replacement of multiple teeth (A full-mouth dental rehabilitation with multiple dental implants and ceramic/zirconia crowns could cost upwards of $55000 to $80000 depending on the need for bone graft surgeries, sinus lifts etc. The same could be accomplished in under $7000 to 15000 including travel and tourism!)
  • People who have a passion to travel and explore new cultures and experience exotic locations (India has been described by many things; from ‘the best show on earth’, to ‘the best bazaar of human experiences’  and even to – ‘where the bizarre meets the norm, the pristine meets the chaos, the spirituality meets the cosmopolitan’. Come and experience why this is one country that many people come time and again to experience a ‘different’ India each time.

How do I get started?

Fill the query form for a free consultation with a Specialist. Our team will contact you and arrange a 30 min Consultation with a Specialist (MDS – Masters in Dental Surgery) via video conference. From there, we will guide you step by step.

Key Steps:

You fill a query form

  1. EviDent Team contacts You
  2. We collect some basic information + Pictures + X-rays
  3. We fix an e-consultation via video conferencing (free of charge)
  4. Together we arrive at a treatment plan
  5. International coordinator contacts You with a customised Package designed for you

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