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Fixed Permanent Teeth

Fixed Permanent Teeth in just 3 days!

Replacement of a few missing teeth:

When one or more missing teeth need replacement, the permanent ceramic crown (or crowns) are fixed in 3 days after implant placement.


Day 1: (Tooth Extraction, if required) + Implant Placement + Placement of temporary crowns (plastic) in same appointment.

Day2: Healing and rest Day – Lab fabrication of Ceramic/Zirconia crowns.

Day 3: Cementation of Permanent (ceramic/Zirconia) crowns.


  • The implant, as well as the permanent cap (crown), are completed in 3 days – Patients can complete their treatment in a single visit!
  • International Patients can complete their dental needs in a short business trip or a trip over a weekend!

On the flipside…

  • The risk factor in certain cases is high in single implants when compared to multiple implants.


Whatever the technique employed, the case selection and diagnoses is vital to success. The implant specialist team at EviDent Specialty Family Dental Care include – A Maxillo-facial Surgeon (a surgical expert who takes special care about the proper implant positioning, surgical technique and other considerations for implant success), a Prosthodontist (a prosthetic specialist who takes care of aesthetics of crowns and other considerations of the implant) and a Periodontist (a gum specialist who takes care of the gum and bone considerations in an implant).

Proper case selection and planning are vital to the success of Implant surgeries. With the vast experience of our highly skilled team, we at EviDent place more successful implant with a team effort.

Replacement of all the teeth with implants: (Full-mouth Implants)

Traditional technique:

All-on-4 and All-on-6 (heralded as Teeth-in-a-day or Teeth-in-an-hour) technique where only 10 and 12 teeth, per arch respectively, are replaced by 4 or 6 implants.

Why this is not recommended:

  • Only 10 or 12 teeth are replaced – Ideally 14 teeth are needed to restore chewing efficiency.
  • Immediate crowns given are of plastic. Ceramic crowns are given in a second sitting 3 to 4 months later – this requires multiple visits.

What we recommend:

  • Placement of 6 to 8 implants in the lower jaw; and 10 – 12 teeth in the upper jaw.
  • A combination of implants and techniques are used (varies case to case) depending on:
    • Bone height
    • Medical considerations – Diabetes etc
    • Esthetic Needs of the patient

Advantages of the technique employed at EviDent Implant Center:

  • Due to the combination technique – NO need for expensive and risky bone graft surgery or Sinus Lift procedures.
  • Offers more predictable results.
  • More favourable long term prognosis.

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