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Dental Tourism

Step One – Learn more about us

Our Website provides you with the basic dental healthcare information. We have associated partners and social activity pages/sites where patients (who have been treated by us) interact on a channel of continual care in the lines of preventive dental health. Read about us on reputed blogs/ forums and partner sites and learn more. We have a full range of services to offer the international traveler; we offer world class Dental Healthcare services at costs far less compared to those home country.  See a new country, experience the Indian hospitality and allow our Interantional consultant to tailor-make holidays for you while we cater to your Dentistry. Do take time to find out who we are, where we are, what services we provide, and what our hospital facilities are.

Step Two – Fill in query form

EviDent Speciality Family Dental Care offers a wide range of Dental Services. Backed by a team of 9 Specialists and 4 General Dentists and 12 Auxiliary support staff, we can plan your Holiday-Dentistry well in advance. Fill in the query form and get a response within 48 hours.

Step Three – Arrange an e-consultation

Once we hear from you, we will arrange an e-consultation via video-conferencing and get started on your road to Dental Wellness. We can give you a detailed treatment plan and also discuss costing along with the tourism/travel options that India has to offer.

Step four – Arrange your travel

If you are traveling abroad for medical reasons for the first time, here are certain pointers to help you plan your journey better.

  • Consult your doctor if you are fit to travel overseas (in case of any pre-existing medical condition).
  • In case of a pre-existing condition, we will arrange for a local doctor/ medical specialist who will monitor your health while you stay in India.
  • Our travel consultant can custom-make holidays for you and family (if you decide to travel with family for a vacation) and we would be glad to assist you with suggestions and recommendations based on the climate and seasonal trends and cultural and social events.
  • Certain documents must always be with you. Ensure that you carry multiple copies of the same and keep the originals in a safe place when abroad.
    • Records like X-Rays, MRI’s, health histories, photographs, immunization records, prescriptions, and any other health records relevant to the surgery. Remember to carry all these medical reports and any medicines in your carry-on luggage.
    • Passport and visa: You will need a passport for yourself and your travel companion (if any). Depending upon the country you are traveling from, you may or may not need a visa.
    • Credit cards, debit cards and travelers checks: Bring some local currency, travelers checks and one or two major credit cards and debit cards.
    • Carry your driver’s license or any valid proof of identity and make sure it will remain valid while you’re traveling.

Step five – Your stay in India

Our International coordinator will arrange the following for your convenience:

  • Five-star, Three-star or budget accommodation – prior and post treatment if required- according to your budget.
  • Arrange for mobile phone while you stay in India.
  • Arrange for local transport and pick-up from and to the airport.
  • Arrange for any other conveniences that is feasible – shopping, local sight-seeing, cultural experiences etc.

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