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Affordable Dental Implants

Dental implants started their clinical journey with several trials, and have evolved based on patient’s demand for teeth in one day or immediate teeth. Modern Implantology makes it possible for immediate teeth, which was still an ideology about a decade ago.

Now, patients can walk out of our specialized dental implant centre with immediate tooth implants. This is made possible by our team of experts who make use of the latest techniques and concepts, integrate them with their vast clinical experience backed by sound evidence-base. Yes! Permanent Teeth in a day is possible!

In order to cater to your demands of ‘teeth in a day’ and ‘teeth in an hour’, EviDent Speciality Dental Care and Implant Center employ a combination of techniques which allows immediate ‘permanent teeth over the weekend’ – a three-day protocol for fixing permanent teeth!

This is made possible by a new generation of Implants called the ‘One-Piece Implants’ that are designed for immediate loading; they also do not require any bone augmentation procedures eliminating the need for multiple sittings!

One-Piece Implants are the most convenient for the patient because:

  • They require a single trip over a weekend (approximately 3 days) is sufficient for the replacement of teeth(because they are designed for immediate loading).
  • They make implants more affordable treatment compared to conventional implants which need multiple sittings and expensive bone augmentation surgeries!
  • ‘Blood-less’ surgeries resulting in atraumatic or minimal trauma to gums as they require a ‘flapless’ technique of placement.
  • Are covered by our Lifetime Service Assurance and Warranty Policy Lifetime warranty.

Single-Piece Implant Design:

The “Unified Implant” or the One-piece Implant is designed to be reliable and strong compared to the conventional screw based implants. Conventional implants with screw joining the implant and abutment have problems of loosening over time (which may require re-tightening) and also are more prone to leakage and infection (peri-implantitis). At EviDent Speciality Family Dental Care, we are phasing out the conventional design and preferentially placing the Single-piece implants, BOI implants and the Morse taper implants to ensure higher rates of success for our patients.

Advantages of One-piece Implants:

  • Minimally traumatic Surgeries – flapless, quick & simple. NO NEED TO CUT THE GUM TISSUE!
  • Economical Dental Implants – As they are ‘single’ piece, they are less expensive when compared to conventional implants which have multiple components.
  • Affordable Dental Implants – Dental-Implants-over-the-weekend. Avoids multiple visits! Permanent teeth in 3 days!!

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