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About us

We are an award winning dental clinic founded by gold medalists; with 9 specialists under one roof, our treatment is based on revolutionary and simple philosophy. We are EviDent – Short for Evidence Based Dentistry. A concept that is still emerging in the Indian Dental Scenario, is ‘the way we work‘ at EviDent.

We’re different… We’re EviDent!

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What Separates Evident from The Crowd

Patient Care

While dental clinics have mushroomed in India in the last decade, we strive to be ‘different‘ from the rest. We keep our philosophy simple – Patient Care!

EviDent – is short for Evidence-based Dentistry (EBD); EBD encompasses  designing customized treatment plans based on a vast evidence-base of similar cases reported across the globe.

This ensures current standards in technology, application and approaches to managing traditional problems in Dentistry.

A customized treatment plan rather than a formulaic treatment approach ensures the ‘best dental treatment’ as per current standards.

Speciality Practice

Besides EBD, EviDent ensures optimal patient care. We DO NOT see more than 5 patients per day (per Dental Specialist) and thereby spend at least an hour with every patient in the consultation room discussing the dental problems and their prevention.

The time spent on the dental chair is just about 20 min per session on an average, where cutting-edge technology helps deliver high-quality of care with minimum patient discomfort.

Speciality Practice: With 9 specialists under one roof, EviDent delivers care based on exclusive specialty-oriented practice.

If you have about 2 or 3 different type of problems, then 2 or 3 different specialists will work together to deliver the best dental care possible. Each specialist restricts to his/her specialty domain thereby enhancing efficiency and giving you the best dental treatment.

High Safety Standards

High Safety Standards: We take our safety standards very seriously.

Therefore our sterilization laboratory is equipped with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Hazard Administration, USA) and CDC(Center for Disease Control & Prevention, USA) approved methods of Instrument Sterilization and Clinic Disinfection.

If you would like to view our sterilization process live, please ask us and we will be happy to demonstrate it to you.

What we stand for



Irrespective of your problem we have all the expertise in-house. You can choose your doctor as per your requirement.


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We are committed to providing our reliability by delivering the best possible care and treatment.

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