Children are Special…

Dental problems in Children require special attention & care; and usually cannot be delivered by a General Dentist. A pediatric dentist (Pedodontist)

is a specialist for treating dental problems of children. In addition to clinical skills necessary to treat children, a pediatric dentist is well versed with Child-Psychology and Behaviour Management skills which are invaluable in managing children in the dental chair.

At Tooth Fairy, children of all ages are made comfortable by using various Behaviour Management Techniques before their dental treatment is delivered. This ensures that children develop positive dental attitudes and look forward to their dental appointments without fear.

The Practice Philosophy:

“Preventive Dental Healthcare services and Positive Dental Attitudes should begin early in childhood so that they are inculcated as children grow up. Every family should have a ‘Dental Home’ which must cater to the changing needs of children as per their development and provide for therapeutic, corrective, interceptive and preventive Dental Healthcare services from birth through adolescence.”

Remember:Your child can grow up cavity-free! Most Dental Diseases are preventable! Milk teeth are IMPORTANT for the proper development of permanent teeth.

Prevention is –




Wishing you and your Li’l ones Happy and Healthy Smiles…- Team Tooth Fairy.