One of the most dreaded treatment in dentistry has been ‘RCT’ or Root canal treatment.

This tooth-saving treatment has been a cornerstone in tooth rehabilitation. Traditionally, the procedure required multiple appointments and change of several medicinal dressings. However, EviDent Speciality Family Dentistry, keeping abreast with the current global scenarios, offers 1-Hour Root canal treatment following which the crown (cap) can be delivered in 24 hours!

Dr. Deepti Melkote, MDS – A root canal and cosmetic specialist uses the most modern and advances rotary systems in dentistry and specializes in the Single-Sitting root canal treatment. She has over a 1000 rotary technique root canals to her credit and has authored scientific presentations in national conferences.

Dr. Deepti Melkote specializes in pain management and Endodontic diagnostics. She has a deep rooted faith in conservative treatment procedures; rather than suggesting extensive and aggressive treatment options for her patients, where not called for.

At EviDent, we assure you pain-free dentistry and comfortable root canals. This is made possible by the use of new generation of anesthetic agents, vibration-free drills,  Rotory Endodontic Techniques and the use of barriers such as ‘rubber dam’ to ensure patient safety and comfort. (Pain-free dentistry is possible in over 95% cases. However, in special cases like ‘hot-tooth syndrome’, psychological pain, phantom pain and other conditions that do not respond to drugs/treatment techniques, absolute pain-control cannot be guaranteed).

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